The window washers at a children’s hospital in London dress up as super heroes to lift the children’s spirits.

Don’t Leave Me


"I’ll love you forever. No one can stop me. I’ll always remember you, my dear. I’ll never forget you. I love you."







Hey, my name is Annabella Carter. People call me Bella, for short. I’m 15 years old and I live in Edmond, Oklahoma. I have this huge crush on this guy since I was 13. He had beautiful brown hair, sparkling brown eyes and his lips, gosh, that lips look so soft and it would be a dream come true if I were to kiss him. 

As I was daydreaming of him, my phone vibrated and I saw I got a text message from Greyson.

Greyson : Hey sweetie. Are you going for the party? 

Me: Hey bud. Yeah I am. See u at 8. 

And to that, I quickly went into the shower and got ready. After a nice hot shower, I got out in my robe and started to find something suitable to wear for the party. I decided I was going to wear a tank top and jeans since I pretty much had nothing to wear. I dried my hair and straighten it. I applied some mascara and looked at myself in the mirror again.

"Not bad," I thought. Just then, my phone rang and the caller ID was Adam. Is this real life? My crush since I was 13 years old is actually calling me? I quickly answered the call and said hello.

Me: Hello?

Adam: Oh hey Bella! Um listen, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the party with me tonight. 

Oh my god. Adam Conant is asking me out. I think I’m dreaming. Someone pinch me. 

Adam: Um hello?

Me: Oh ya um, yeah of course! I would love to go to the party with you!

Adam: Great! See you there, babe. 

And that was it. He hung up. And I’m his date. And he called me ‘babe’. I think I’m about to faint. As I was dreaming of what could happen with me and Adam later at the party, my phone rang again and it made me jump.

I thought it was Adam but no, it was Greyson. 

Me: Hey!

Greyson: Someone’s a little excited, huh?

Me: Well, that’s because Adam just asked me out!

Greyson: Adam? Adam Conant? The one you have a crush on?

Me: Yeah! I’m so excited! I can’t wait! 

Greyson: Haha, um yeah. Anyway, I’ll see you later.

Greyson’s POV

"She has a date with Adam. Not me. I knew I should have asked her earlier. Why am I so stupid ?!"  I started to hit my head at my bedroom wall countless times until I felt dizzy.

"What’s the point, anyway? She doesn’t like me like that." I sighed. Me and Bella had been best friends since we were babies. Our mums were bestest of friends and both of them gave birth to us at the same year but different month. Technically, I was older than her by a few months. Ever since I was 8 years old, I had this huge crush on her but I didn’t tell her because I’m scared of her response and it might destroy our friendship. I can’t risk that. I just can’t.

I looked at the mirror and sighed, “What do Adam have that I don’t?” I snorted, “Probably alot” . I took my wallet and blackberry and went out of the house. I only live 2 blocks away from Bella so I decided to walk to her house. 

When I reached there, I saw her waiting at her front porch for me. I smiled seeing how gorgeous she looked. Her hair was straight and shiny and her eyes just sparkled under the moonlight. I couldn’t stop but smile at her. 

"Um, you can stop smiling now." Bella chuckled. How embarassing. The party was a few blocks away but we decided to walk there because the party doesn’t start in another half an hour. 

When we reached there, there were already tons of people there, enjoying themselves. Some were smoking, drinking beer and were making out. I felt very uneasy but shrugged it off. Suddenly,  I saw Bella waving at somebody. As I looked at the direction she was waving at, I saw Adam. Of course. Her date tonight. She turned to me and smiled, telling me that she was going to Adam. I just lightly nodded and she went off. 

I could see that she was much happier to be with Adam than me. I just stared at both of them and I could see that he was flirting with her. I wondered why Adam only noticed Bella now? I mean, Bella was such a beautiful girl. Anybody would die to be with her, the second they laid their eyes on her cause I know, I do.

I walked off, not looking at where I was going. Suddenly, I bumped into someone and it caused both of us to fall. When I looked up, I saw a rather beautiful girl, infront of me. Who was she? I quickly got up to help her, apologizing her. 

"It’s cool!" She said, smiling to me. She introduced herself to me and led her hand out. I shaked her hand and told her she looked gorgeous tonight. I also got to know her name was Alyssa. Beautiful name. Hopefully she’ll get my mind of Bella.

We talked for about an hour and I have to say that I was enjoying my night. Her laugh was the cutest thing ever. But I couldn’t stop thinking of Bella. She might be having more fun than me. Who knows, she might be kissing Adam right now. Her first kiss. I was really quiet and it bothered Alyssa.

"Hey, are you okay?" Alyssa pulled my face up to her. She gently smiled at me. I couldn’t stop but stare into her blue eyes. We were getting closer and closer to each other. My hand carresed her face and I pulled her into a kiss. I shared my first kiss with her. Her lips were soft and she kissed me with enthusiasm. 

Suddenly, I felt my shoulder being held and pulled away and I was facing Adam. 

He looked at me, furiously and shouted, “Don’t kiss my girlfriend!” and swing a punch to my jaw, making me collaspe to the floor.

The last thing I could remember was screams. Screams not from Alyssa, but from Bella.

How did you guys like that? My first fanfic that I decided to write. I made two fanfics before but it wasn’t good as this. I dont know. Hahaha, do you guys like it? OMG GREYSON KISSED ALYSSA. BUT WHAT ABOUT BELLA?! ;) Stay tuned for chapter 2 guys :)


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